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On the first of the year they mailed her a tax notice. They wrote her a formal letter, asking her to call at the sheriff's office at her convenience.A week later the mayor wrote her himself, offering to call or to send his car for her, and received in reply a note on paper of an archaic shape, in a thin, flowing calligraphy in faded ink, to the effect that she no longer went out at all. They called a special meeting of the Board of Aldermen.however i will say it was taken care of within days.id also say duke admin responded more than for the guy who posted the exam final question, i probably shouldnt mention exactly what happened to him.

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Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town, dating from that day in 1894 when Colonel Sartoris, the mayor--he who fathered the edict that no Negro woman should appear on the streets without an apron-remitted her taxes, the dispensation dating from the death of her father on into perpetuity. Colonel Sartoris invented an involved tale to the effect that Miss Emily's father had loaned money to the town, which the town, as a matter of business, preferred this way of repaying.

Only a man of Colonel Sartoris' generation and thought could have invented it, and only a woman could have believed it.

When the next generation, with its more modern ideas, became mayors and aldermen, this arrangement created some little dissatisfaction.

Watch out Tinder – there’s a new queen bee in town, and it’s turning the tables on the traditional dating scene.

Using a similar interface as Tinder, a new dating app called Bumble has you swipe left or right to indicate your interest based on a user’s profile, which includes pictures and a short biography.

hey all,trying to give back to the TLS community for all the help i got pre-law school.

i just finished my 1L year at duke and would be more than happy to answer any seems like there is a lot of unwarranted hate on duke and not enough support, mostly because we have such a small class and are busy working/playing hard.i have to say tho that in terms of a law school experience, i would be absolutely shocked if there is another (top) school out there that provides a better one.

They were probably in a sorority or fraternity, and they probably don’t have too many friends who decided not to go to college so they could pursue their dreams of being an actor/actress/singer. are more inclined to flaunt their careers and education than the ladies. If you aren’t into personal style/fashion, this may be great for you. This clothing goes from work to date night, so no need to worry about what to wear.

Get ready for men and women alike to ask what college(s) you went to, what you studied, and how you plan to apply your degree to your career. So women, whip out your diploma and get ready to talk about the Ivies you got into. Women, you can also rest assured that your date will probably match. C., for all of its career-focus, is still a fit city.

However, it has one distinct and defining difference: women control what happens next.

After a match is made, the woman has only 24 hours to initiate a conversation or else the match disappears forever.

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