Vb 6 0 row cannot be located for updating


You are currently viewing the VB How-To section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. Application Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim var As Variant Set xl App = New Excel. Recordset Public obj Excel As Object Public obj Temp As Object Public rst Send Info As ADODB. Mouse Pointer = vb Default msg = "The export operation was canceled." & vb Cr Lf i Indx = Msg Box(msg, vb OKOnly vb Information, "Text Export File") txt = False Exit Function Else On Error Go To Error Handler End If '--------------------------------------- '-- Let's save the data now. -- '--------------------------------------- Screen. Mouse Pointer = vb Hourglass i Total Records = 0 s File To Export = frm Main. File Name i File Num = Free File() Open s File To Export For Output As #i File Num ' Open file for output. Fields(i Indx))) Then Print #i File Num, ","; 'simply a comma delimited string Else If i Indx = i Number Of Fields Then Print #i File Num, Trim$(CStr(rst Send File. Record Count = 0 Then Msg Box "There are no records to export.", vb OKOnly, gs Dialog Title Else Msg Box rst Send File. The user does not need to be able to see the spreadsheet or have access to manipulate it manually. Visible to false, but once that is done, it seems I am forbidden from writing to the file.

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* jquery.0.0.1 - https://github.com/yckart/jquery.* Scroll smooth to any element in your DOM.Recordset) As Boolean Dim i Total Records As Integer Dim s File To Export As String Dim i File Num As Integer Dim msg As String Dim i Indx As Integer Dim i Number Of Fields As Integer Screen. Fields(i Indx))); ","; End If End If Next Print #i File Num, rst Send File. Recordset) Dim i Indx As Integer Dim i Row Index As Integer Dim i Col Index As Integer Dim i Record Count As Integer Dim i Field Count As Integer Dim s Message As String Dim av Rows As Variant Dim excel Version As Integer On Error Go To Err Handler Create Send File If rst Send File. Add '-- We need this line to insure Excel remains visible if we switch Set obj Temp = obj Excel excel Version = Val(obj Excel. Version) If (excel Version = 8) Then Set obj Excel = obj Excel. Mouse Pointer = vb Default On Error Resume Next Create Send File If rst Send File. Move Next Do Events Loop '---------------- Close #i File Num Screen. Record Count = 0 Then Exit Sub '-- Read all of the records into our array av Rows = rst Send File. Active Sheet End If '-- Place the names of the fields as column headers -- i Row Index = 1 i Col Index = 1 For i Col Index = 1 To i Field Count With obj Excel. I use VB6-ADO-ACCESS plus using Data Grid as the main view to see the database.I use 5 tables with some info in one table to be used in another.If there are no records, the BOF and EOF property are True. Net DLL, you need to register it on a target machine. is an Assembly Registration tool used to read the metadata within an assembly. Once a class is registered using Regasm.exe, a COM client can use it as a COM component. Net framework installation and can be found in Microsoft. Note that, to export a type library from the DLL, you need administrator privileges on the computer, or you will receive this type of error "Reg Asm : error RA0000 : An error occurred while saving the exported type library: Access is denied..." because the account under which you run doesn't have rights to write to the folder. Copyright© Geeks No portion may be reproduced without my written permission.Question TWO I have on and off been using Basic, now VB since “the stone age” long before Microsoft and Windows.However it is only now I enter the issue of using VB6 and a database.The problem may be resolved as follows: An alternative to removing the reference is to restore the referenced file to the path specified in the References dialog box.If the referenced file is in a new location, clear the "Missing:" reference and create a new reference to the file in its new location.

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