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Soon after, I caught my flight back to what felt like a very straight England.

I want more engaging talks – where it’s not just words but it’s bringing to life the theme.

Scully, who fled fraud charges in Melbourne in 2011, was arrested in February 2015.

He was charged with a series of crimes, including murdering a 12-year-old Filipina girl, multiple counts of sexual abuse, torture, rape and human trafficking and is awaiting trial in the Philippines.

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Whilst this was panning out, we watched Liad Hussein Kantorowicz as she worked.THE internet can be a seedy place but while many of us might think of kinky online sex as being something that happens in dark, dingy places there's actually a chance a webcam sex session could be happening in the house next door to you.Intrusive visitors aside, usually everything goes on hold when Sammy gets a customer - and that includes time with her live-in girlfriend Amara, who doesn't seem to mind men ogling her lover's body online.A paedophile hunter who helped authorities snare Peter Scully says children are 'conditioned' to turn up to cybersex dens in the Philippines every day and obey instructions from predators around the globe.Scully's capture was a huge blow to the billion-dollar business, according to Glen Hulley, who worked as an undercover cop in Victoria for 13 years before founding Project Karma – a charity that rescues exploited children and hunts child sex tourists.This year, presented itself with a new artistic director: Kristoffer Gansig. Prove yourself as the new kid, make it extra special as it’s the festival’s 25th anniversary and wow people with an on the edge programme. The video programme stood out, as it should considering this annual event started it’s life in 1988 as Video Film Fest, a side-project of the Berlin Berlinale’s ‘International Forum of New Cinema’.The Experience of Fliehkraft was the most striking.You know the one: thousand yard stare like you’re blocking out some childhood abuse, bow legged stance like you’re having a shit, grimacing face like you’re having a shit, drawers around your ankles like you’re having a shit.The Truth about Webcam Girls gives several examples of the Sex Dance, every one of them as asexual as an Andi Peters interview with Same Difference.So whether the trio featured in this documentary are in any way typical is tough to tell.Certainly they had very different attitudes to the daily grind.

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