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Luck Butterfly Productions (ABC network) is looking for committed couples over the age of 21 in California willing to discuss their relationship problems on-camera with a lisenced therapist.Interested pairs can contact Paige at prmsd [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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Goblin was harassing me about having hot and heavy sex talks with behinder on a semi-regular basis. His coup de gras was getting me to masturbate after getting so excited that I couldn't help myself. Technorati Tags: Behinder, betrayal, Goblin, intimacy, online chat, seduction, sex, std nurse This site chronicles my personal dating stories.

If he doesn't love me that absolutely, or (okay, let's be honest here) doesn't show signs of being about to become the kind of person who wants to be the first in the emergency room with me when I'm full of tubes and needles, when my life or death is visible in little green zig-zaggy lines and audible in beeps, when my face can barely be seen under the sheets and the masks, when the nurse checks every few minutes to write things down on the clipboard - then I don't know if I can find within myself the emotional energy to do the things to his penis that give him such exquisite pleasure. Technorati Tags: better than sex, netspeak, okcupid, single dads This site chronicles my personal dating stories.

Although I may be a bit more torn about the reasons why I enjoy sex (I quite like being in a position of power that allows me to pleasure a lovely penis), I agree that this feeling she's describing is a familiar one to me. I basically said just that, after pondering my response for a couple of days. He hasn't "gotten any" since he had his son, so he was trying to convince himself that caring for a child could replace (or at least make you forget about) physical intimacy with an adult you're romantically involved with. I'll share the juicy details of how I met my dates, what happened on said dates, how I dealt with breakups, and what I did to find (and keep) the partnership I've always sought.

I'll admit it: I talked at length about sex with an ex, namely Behinder (the guy my friends say I am still in love with).

I usually cringe when calling him an ex, because we only really dated for a couple of weeks, but whatever.

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It started when I shared the comments of, interestingly enough, one of the same people who has been jeering me about still having feelings for the guy. I might as well come up with a name for the guy, since I've mentioned him twice now. This dating blog is rated NC-17 with occasional blips into more adult territory.

Behinder finally admitted to me yesterday that he's been dating the woman I've dubbed the STD Nurse: the nurse-in-training he unceremoniously left me for, who in turn gave him a (luckily) innocuous STD.

I started the conversation with eight points I wanted to make: So he counters with, "you keep going back to it, yet you still never answer my question, which is , If you hadn't forgiven me for it, why still talk to me?

A couple of hours later, he was bopping the STD Nurse).

And then I explain my definition of love, which is essentially to see the nasty in someone, and STILL care about them.

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