When updating to ios 6


Updating to new i OS 10/10.1/10.2/10.3 or latest i OS 10.3.2 should be full of excitement but one of the most common updating problems you may meet is losing valuable data on i Phone i Pad. This way is based on that you've backed up your i Phone with i Cloud before updating to i OS 10.In case of losing significant data like contacts, messages, notes, calendars, photos, and more from your i Device when updating to i OS 10 or i OS 10.2/10.3, you'd better make full preparations, like check i OS 10/10.2/10.3 supported devices, make a backup, free up space, update i Tunes, etc. Here is how to restore data from i Cloud if you lose important content during the update. On your i Phone or i Pad, make sure you have create a backup with i Cloud: Go to Settings Reset, then tap "Erase all content and settings." 3.When you find that the update is stuck at “Update requested…” and you can't do anything beyond this point, you should resort to doing any of these solutions: One of the first things you should make sure of is a stable network.If you're on cellular or spotty Wi-fi, there can be problems when your i Phone tries to contact Apple's servers to download the update.

Neither i Tunes nor i Cloud permits selectively recover lost data from i Phone i Pad, and restoring will wipe the existing data on your i OS devices. Then let Phone Rescue scan your i Phone (or the i Phone backup you choose).

While for the most part, the free i OS updates are easy to install, there are a few common problems.

The "Unable to Verify Update" error is a big one, and quite annoying at that, with your i Phone or i Pad telling you you're no longer connected to the internet, even though you are.

That being done, here's how to fix the annoying "Unable to Verify Update" i OS error for i OS 10, i OS 9.3 and below.

Regular updates are the official versions that Apple releases to the public, having completed its testing on all devices.

These are the ones that most of you will be familiar with. Shut down the Settings app The first thing to try is shutting down the Settings app.

Summary Data loss is a very common i OS update problem and this guide shows you 3 ways to retrieve lost data like notes, messages, contacts, and photos after i OS 10/10.1/10.2/10.3 update, or even the latest version of i OS 10.3.2.

If you are jailbroken, you'll have suck it up and say goodbye.

There currently isn't a jailbreak method for i OS 8, so anyone with a jailbroken i OS 7 device that wants to update to i OS 8 will lose their jailbreak.

Phone Rescue – Amazing i OS Data Recovery Have a try on this powerful i OS data recovery Phone Rescue to help you get back lost but valuable data on i Phone i Pad. You may cheer with joy when heard about those new features of i OS 10: new and fun Message features, redesigned Control Center, a new Music app, and much more.

Now Apple has released i OS 10.3.2 that adds more features and fixes some bugs. Under Summary, choose "Restore i Phone…", and you need to turn off Find My i Phone on your i Device. Select a backup and click Restore and wait for the restore to be finished.

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