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As Emily Thorne comes to the end of her quest for vengeance and ABC closes the chapter on “Revenge,” cast members including Emily Van Camp, Nick Weschler and Christa B.

Allen got a little nostalgic as they looked back on their five years on the show. Why was filming “Revenge” like therapy for its actors?

Logically, fans always thought it was Amanda, and in this current TV age of complex protagonists meeting their end — read Nucky Thompson on Talking to Deadline this morning about last night’s series finale, Revenge star Emily Van Camp says, “There were several options we explored.

She could have wound up in prison, but that would have been a darker way to end the show.

Oh, and in case you didn't get the memo — yes, Danielle is all but confirmed to return to the show next season!

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As a youth, she spent time in a juvenile detention center, unaware of her father's innocence until her release when Nolan Ross approaches her.But we had to find a happy ending for Amanda Clarke which is amazing and satisfying to fans.” That ending entailed Amanda sailing off into the sunset with her childhood love Jack, but with a twist: She is forever haunted by a dream that the life-saving heart transplant she received was from Victoria Grayson herself; a decision made by Amanda’s half-sister Charlotte (Christa B. Van Camp says she knew about a month before she received the last script that this was the direction showrunner Sunil Nayar was taking the show. We invested so much time in the show that we wanted to build the best version possible,” says Van Camp.“The part about the heart was strange and we wanted to make it clear that it was a psychological idea that she couldn’t leave Victoria behind.Emily Van Camp and Josh Bowman hold hands while grabbing a sushi lunch on Friday (May 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.“Just watched @hotgirlswanted and was shocked to tears.During difficult times for her family, Victoria occasionally asks Emily for assistance, severing contact when Emily has fulfilled her usefulness.Amanda Clarke is the daughter of David Clarke and Kara Clarke.Celebrity engagements are happening all around us, it’s hard to keep up.Scroll down to see all the beautiful and magical celebrity engagements of 2017 and make sure to check back to see the latest updates! The site insists Bravo cameras were around to capture the big proposal, though it's unclear if it'll make the cut on the upcoming Season 8.A native of Ontario, Canada, actress Emily Van Camp was born on May 12, 1986.After training to become a ballerina at Montreal's L'Ecole Superieure de Danse de Quebec, Van Camp decided to give acting a shot.

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