Who is gareth cliff dating


Following Cliff's complaint, a Sunday World investigation revealed that the whole story and all the claims contained therein are indeed untrue.It has turned out that the whole story was a well orchestrated plot that appears to have been deliberately planted to cause mischief.The article itself was full of factual inaccuracies that the Sunday Times have since admitted to.Susan Smuts, Managing Editor of the Sunday Times sent this response to Cliffs lawyer, Eric Mabuza: “What the Sunday Times unleashed was a tirade of hysterical accusations and insults on social media that had me branded everything from a Bill Cosby-type date-rapist to a white man who cost a black woman her job.” Social media has been lauded for the way it allows anyone with a social footprint to share their point of view.The page 3 headlines were: "Cliff smitten with 'bundu girl' - "Stage set for arrival of his 'little idol'".The story, featured on Page 3, named among other things a mysterious woman called Miemie Seleka who was pregnant with Cliff's baby. Following publication of the story, Cliff complained to the SA Press Ombudsman and the Public Editor that "the article is manifestly untrue, inaccurate and scurrilous".The paper reported that Gareth admitted in his new book that he “poured” the drink that led to Mara’s well-publicised erratic behaviour on the show.On Sunday morning, the day of the Idols finale, Cliff woke up to the news headlines.

Not to mention, as Cliff says, funerals are often a time for politicians to cash in on some sympathy.

The trouble with anything that offers this kind of untethered “freedom” is that it often leads to untethered hate and a false headline accusing a South African personality would do just that.

Instead of questioning ‘news’ headlines or asking the necessary questions around most topics…

JOHANNESBURG - e NCA's Nonkululeko Ngqola sat down with Gareth Cliff to find out what makes the dynamic media personality tick.

One of the memorable quotes from the interview include, "I'm married to my work." So, settling down with a family might not be on the cards anytime soon for one of South Africa's most eligible bachelors.

“[The tweet is] a good question, and one which we should all ask,” Cliff wrote, “especially because politicians love using the grandstand a funeral provides as a soap-box from which to manipulate emotional people.” But the tweets are still infuriating.

In his blog Cliff claims to know the history of our country, but his reference to Messi shows little understanding of the legacy this history has left.

Even the telephone number the reporter used to attempt to call Cliff was fictitious - it was supplied by the source who gave us the story.

We can also reveal that the main source for the story was none other than Seleka herself, in cahoots with her "friend" Lulu Dlulane, who was the second source to corroborate the "love relationship".

He went on to join 702 Talk Radio as a producer while still a university student.

In 2011, he published his book, Gareth Cliff on Everything.

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