Who is joo ji hoon dating


On June 23, 2009, Ju pleaded guilty in court to drug use of ecstasy and ketamine.He was sentenced to six months of jail time, suspended for one year, 120 hours of community service, and a fine of ₩360,000.Celebrity X-Files is a report compiled by journalists, e-news reporters, advertising agencys and star managements officials.Song Ji Hyo has been seen frequenting Joo Ji Hoon's house, to the extent that she practically lives there. Love u oppa i just finished 'Mask' today and I did not recognized him at first.. More power to you Joo Ji Hoon and I wish you health, wealth and wisdom in life. I just cannot stop, one episode after another and tell myself, after i finished, I'll watch it all over agan... I hope you and all the cast had as much fun filming it as we are watching it. I admire and love that he learned from his past and can see how he would go far because he is wiser.It has also been pointed out that Song Ji Hyo has been seen carrying 2 boxes of cherries every time she visits, bringing about a strange discussion between netizens.Apart from this little revelation, it has also been reported that at the end of 2007, fans have spotted Song Ji-hyo riding at the back of her Romeo's motorcycle.

December 2007 Song Ji Hyo was quoted saying: "Joo Ji Hoon is good for dating" December 3, 2007 Joo Ji Hoon attended Song Ji Hyo's movie premiere "Sex Is Zero 2" he was there to support her with Hwanghumama.

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I believe this is true, but obviously they wont admit their relationship because it could be bad for their career. Personally i think they look cute together & both started as models too. Either one the girls are really pretty and they seem compatible, but I think he's better with Song Ji-Hyo for some reason.

His first leading role was as in 2006 television series "Princess Hours".

Broadcast Date (Filming Date): June 29th 2014 (June 16th 2014)Guest: Baek Sung Hyun (1st time guesting), Cha Yu Ram (1st time guesting), Fabien (1st time guesting), Heo Kyung Hwan (1st time guesting), Ji Sung (3rd time guesting - Ep 54, 116 & 117), Joo Ji Hoon (1st time guesting), Sam Otswiri (1st time guesting), Son Naeun (2nd time guesting - Ep 162), Yoon Bomi (1st time guesting)myksn | runmanclub | RM Wiki page 1 2Welp.

Judging by the lack of Ji Hyo/Ji Hoon interactions or any mention of their past I'm guessing the split wasn't amicable...

A photo of Joo Ji Hoon and Gain on a date is garnering attention.

The photos of the couple on a date were released online on August 12.

On April 27, 2009, Ju was arrested by Seoul Metropolitan Police on drug charges.

He was arrested along with 15 people and an actress identified as Yoon on suspicion of supplying ecstasy.

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