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Known for her huge heart, as well as her beauty, she's the type of girl who'll be faithful to you through all the ups and downs.A Brooke is hands down the most amazing person you will ever meet!She's ambitious and aspires high, but she'll always be there for you if you need someone to lean on.Brooke's the girl in the back desk, with her head bent over her notebook as she scribbles down notes, but she's also the girl no guy in his right mind can keep his eyes off of, the girl sprinting across the finish line to the screams of her fans, the girl who stops in the middle of a crowded hallway to help you pick up your dropped books, and the girl who can always find something to laugh about.Of course, there was a bit of a calm before the storm as non-warring cast members reunited and had some fun before the fireworks, including Corey Simms, his wife Miranda Simms, Jeremy Calvert, and his girlfriend Brooke Wehr. They may not be too chipper.” He added the #bartab hashtag.

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It gave her time to mature as an artist, and to write and record songs that she believed in.

Country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert just confirmed their divorce and pulled the plug on their four year marriage.

The mud-slinging between the two celebs’ camps is getting over the top and they are both insisting that the other cheated.

Star’s insider dished that back in 2007 Miranda actually cheated on Blake with his best friend, Jamey Johnson, and a major league baseball player named Josh Beckett.

The source revealed, “Josh was dating his childhood sweetheart Holly when he first got involved with Miranda, Holly may have known about the affair but she married him anyway.

Miranda Lambert will ring in 2016 with a kiss after all.

The country singer, who split from husband Blake Shelton in July, has been dating Americana/R&B musician Anderson East for about a month.

Even when his new wife got pregnant, Josh still pined for Miranda and pressured her to dump Blake for him.

The truth is Josh was Miranda’s other real love.” According to Star Magazine, Miranda began acting paranoid and accusing Blake of cheating on her with multiple women – Blake knew something was up and his wife just felt guilty about something she was doing behind his back, so he hired a private investigator who discovered that Miranda was cheating with one of her employees on tour.

“She couldn’t have picked a better dude to have fun with,” says an East friend.

“Anderson is the coolest guy.” The “Over You” crooner opened up about her divorce from Shelton, 39, in Cosmopolitan’s January issue: “I just want to live a life full of everything.

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