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We gush about her insightful commentary on all the isms – feminism, ageism, sexism, racism – giving her both comedic and academic validation for having such an integrated conversation.She’s Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin and George Carlin in one package.His bits comparing gender roles were OK but not so fresh. It’s only when our headliner riffs on the comedian’s ubiquitous toolbox – dating, idiots, dating idiots – that we listen so intently. After exploding up the stage stairs and jumping around as if on a party bus, dressed nicely for a night out, she spent much of her act trying to brush off her self-admitted juvenile habits while simultaneously owning her right to have them.Watching Schumer is like being reminded you’re just a little dumb, but also smart for realizing that you’re dumb. Her boyfriend played a central role in her material, of course.“I’m not actually leaving," she told Radio Times,com."I’m really, really happy doing this and hanging out with everyone. "If I were ever to go I would never actually quit or leave the show, because I love it.By the end, I was extremely happy to go home to NJ to Phil and our tiny zoo.I am officially set to enter comps (doctoral comprehensive exam) in January.

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I then had to sit there for the next three days and work on my presentation and a paper for another class.

I’ve spent the last week decompressing from being in Dallas, Texas for much of last week. Once I got out of the Dallas Fort Worth airport, I was immediately reminded of what I hated about Texas the most: the heat and humidity.

The last time I had been in Texas was when I went to La Porte, Texas to visit one of my little sisters from my sorority.

However, recently there have been rumours that Louise might be leaving the show to spend more time with Alik who has gone back to live in The Big Apple.

So Radio asked Louise whether she would really quit the glorious exploits of SW3...

You already watch her sketch show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” now in its fourth season on Comedy Central.

You went to see her movie “Trainwreck” in theaters last summer, and streamed it on your couch last weekend.

I was so bored, but since these are considered to be “seat hours” I literally had to stay, in my seat…hours.

Sitting around not doing a whole lot, to me, is more exhausting then even my most trying days as a teacher.

So it would always be open for me to come back, like if I was to move to New York I would like to be able to come back and film or Skype.

I don’t want to part ways until I know 100% what I want to do in my future.

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