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This leads to an endless amount of new apps for the Fire TV, including Kodi (formerly known as XBMC).

For only 100 bucks for a Fire TV or as little as 39 USD for a Fire TV Stick, you’re able to bring a powerful media system to your living room which is capable of streaming 1080p videos using Kodi / XBMC.

Media Companion is the original free to use Movie/TV Show manager and organizer that offers full XBMC integration.

Simply put, Media Companion offers the facility to gather information from the Internet and make this information available to you in an organized manner.

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Media Companion Currently supports Movies and TV Shows. Complete this form to send a request to become a member of this project.

Sonos Controller App for i OS or Android: If you make changes to your music library often, you can schedule automatic music index updates.

Once setup, Sonos will scan your library for changes once a day at a time you specify.

Two years ago, Amazon released its Fire TV, a tiny set-top box which brings media streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to your living room.

While Amazon offers its own app store, you’re also able to sideload any Android app APK you want.

This is the same as calling "Update Library" from within the Video menus of Kodi.

There are a few options you can tweak regarding how often you want the scanner to run.

The latest version of this guide includes an overview of the new Kodi 16.0 Jarvis features and how to update from previous Kodi-versions without losing settings.

Before we get started I would like to give you a short introduction about XBMC and Kodi.

So in this article I’ll show you how easy it is to install Kodi on Amazon’s Fire TV, and some additional Tips & Tricks.

It’s quick, it’s easy and the end result is awesome.

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